behold the sonoran hot dog

If this is any indication of the type of food I'll be eating when I get to Mexico (we're moving to Mexico City next week), I'll probably be well on my way to a heart attack by age 45.  Today, I sampled the one and only Sonoran hot dog, at the legendary El Guero Canelo (loosely translated to the light-skinned redhead, which I guess describes the owner, who is Mexican but whatever).  The hot dog is on a buttery bun and consists of a weiner wrapped in bacon, topped with mayonnaise, mustard, jalapeno sauce, tomatoes, and beans.  I thought I would be disgusted, but it was good.  Please note you can get a "sammy" which has TWO weiners.  It reminds me of that scene in Blades of Glory with the two hot dogs on a bun and the dude saying "does that look right to you??"). 

I also found this is on the website describing the owner, which I think is interesting.  "In 1979, Daniel Contreras, Immigrated to Tucson, Arizona looking for the American Dream, and holding a dishwasher position as his first job in The Unites States. In October 20th, 1993 Daniel Contreras, Began selling carne asada and sonoran style Hot dogs, from a carreta on 12th avenue and Utah street, about a block and a half towards the north, in an empty lot. In 1997, The first El Guero Canelo Restaurant opened its doors for business on 5201 S. 12th avenue now known as EGC #1."


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