have you ever tried dim sum?

If you have never tried dim sum, please clear your Sunday morning calendar and go this weekend STAT.  No excuses!  Dim sum is the Chinese equivalent of brunch.  You sit down, and (if the place is authentic) a ton of little carts will drive by your table offering various little portions of stuff, like the steamed pork buns shown below.  The waitress will mark a paper at your table with what you got off the cart, and dishes normally range between $2-5 each. 

I highly recommend any kind of dumpling, the steamed buns, some vegetables (like Chinese mustard greens or bok choy) and whatever else looks interesting, such as chicken feet.  Bon appetit (or the Chinese equivalent of that phrase). 

Steamed pork buns

Shiumai (shrimp steamed dumplings - ask for vinegar to dip these in)


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