upright roasted chicken

Throwing a bird in the oven is the easiest thing in the world to fix for a weeknight or weekend dinner.  You should budget about an hour and a half start to finish, with 15 minutes more if you want to make a pan sauce.   There are two ways to roast - vertical and horizontal.  As you can see from the pic below, this is a vertical roasting strategy - I know, raping the bird like this seems weird, but the results are delicious.  Vertical roasters will set you back about $12 (you can find this upright roaster on Amazon), which is like the one in the picture.  You can then put a spice rub or just salt and pepper on it.  The other variation, if you don't have a roaster like this, is to put a giant half-empty beer can up the bird's ass. 

1 roasting chicken, remove giblets and any innards
prepared spice rub, or salt and pepper

Heat your oven to 375.  Place your chicken in the roaster, and cover it with softened butter.  Rub in the spice rub (or salt and pepper).  If you want, put a little water in the drippings pan so the drippings don't burn at first.  Roast for about an hour.  How do you know if it's done? Cut a little slit in the thigh - if the juices run clear, it is done.  Don't worry about undercooking, as that can be fixed later.  Take bird out and carve it.  If you don't know how you can watch this video: how to carve a chicken.  If you carve it and find out it's raw still, simply put the pieces and juices back in your pan, and roast for 15-20 more minutes at 375 until they are done. 


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